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The concept / Prestigious Address

With its exclusive shops and stores, its restaurants, bars and even a contemporary art gallery, the base of Hermitage Plaza towers will be a true cultural focus of Paris – La Défense, coming alive at every opportunity and creating an atmosphere worthy of THE CITY OF LIGHT....
Living in one of the panoramic apartments with a marvelous view over Paris will come with numerous advantages (5-star room service, two floors dedicated to the thalassotherapy center, spas and swimming pools, fitness center, and more) as well as conference rooms, guest rooms, club facilities, etc.
The public square will be named in honor of Napoleon Bonaparte, to whom this location is bound by history. History tells us that in 1840 when the remains of the Emperor were returned to France, they were transported on the Seine and placed at exactly the point that now lies between the two towers of our project. Then they were transferred by a horse-drawn carriage and taken to Les Invalides.
Thus, Hermitage Plaza will be built on Place Napoléon Bonaparte.