Emin Iskenderov

EFI_and_Towers_06_2013Emin Iskenderov is a Russia-born real estate developer and businessman based in Paris (France) and known for the mixed use twin towers project Hermitage Plaza. He is also a member of the Economic Council under the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in France.

Emin Iskenderov was born February 15, 1976 in Moscow in a family of civil servants. His father worked in the Ministry of Foreign Trade, his mother is a gynecologist. He passed his childhood and school years in Moscow. At the age of 15 he went to France with his parents. In Paris he continues his studies and in 1997 obtains a diploma at the European Institute of Business (IEA) in « Management of international relations. » He currently lives in Paris and is the President of the real estate development and investment Group HERMITAGE.

At the end of high school, Emin Iskenderov is appointed to head the International Relations Department for the investment company «F3I Vendôme». From 1998 to 2000 Emin Iskenderov returns to Moscow to continue his career in the financial sector. In 2000, he begins working in the real estate and development sector and in 2004 creates his company – HERMITAGE Group.
Member of the French National Federation of Developers (FPI), the Group is today one of the most dynamic members of the Paris real estate market. The HERMITAGE Group is the first Russian developer to operate in a western market and become a full-fledged player within that market, whilst competing successfully with French business participants.

The Group’s projects

«Les Allées de l’Hermitage»
Is a residential complex, located near the EuroDisney Park, it is earmarked and selected as one of the best residential projects of the Paris region by the specialized press.

«Jardin des Muses»
Is a residential complex in Massy, 15 km from Paris.

«Hermitage Plaza»
Is a mixed-use project composed of 320 meter-high twin towers located at the entrance to the business quarter of Paris – La Defense. It will be the first and biggest high-rise multi-functional complex of Western Europe. 

The construction of the complex is strongly supported by the local authorities and the French State administration.

On June 11th, 2010, during the exhibition consecrated to Franco-Russian relations, held at the Grand Palais, Emin Iskenderov presented the project «Hermitage Plaza» to the Russian and French Prime Ministers, Vladimir Putin and F. Fillon.

On June 19th, 2010, within the framework of the 13th International Economic Forum held in St. Petersburg, Hermitage and the local planning authorities of Paris-La Défense, signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the project’s importance in Franco-Russian relations, in presence of former Russian and French Presidents, Dimitri Medvedev and Nicolas Sarkozy.

Emin Iskenderov has an active charitable activity.

In December 2011 and June 2012 he participates in the charity event organized by Massimo Gargia in Paris in support to the reconstruction of the Saint-Cloud castle in favour of the association « Reconstruction of St. Cloud ».
In April 2012 he helps the Association-Museum of His Majesty’s Lifeguards Cossack Regiment founded by Paul I in 1798 in Courbevoie.
In August 2012 he participates in a charity ball Fund « White Lily » established by Emilia Kazandjian that helps children with low-income families from Abkhazia.
In April 2013 Emin Iskenderov contributes to the Association « Little Trotters » (Association « Les P’tits Cracks »), which helps and supports children with cancer.
In October 2014 he takes part in a charity event «The Great Gatsby» in favor of the Research Foundation of Cerebral Palsy (Fondation Motrice).
In addition, for over 7 years Emin Iskenderov provides financial support to the Association of Mayors of the Ile-de-France region (AMIF).


  1. O.Aletheia

    14 mars 2018

    Bonjour Monsieur Iskenderov

    Votre projet est tout simplement fabuleux. Les tours sont belles, l’emplacement est parfait. Je vous félicite de votre courage et de votre patience ! Personnellement j’aimerais bien vivre dans une de vos tours. En lisant les détails de votre projet, il me semble que vous n’avez pas prévu de proposer des appartements de petite ou moyenne surface. N’oubliez pas les célibataires et les geeks svp ! Rajoutez-nous quelques studios ou petits appartements svp Monsieur, je serais le premier à en acheter un. Bon courage !

    • Emin Iskenderov

      23 mars 2018


      Merci pour votre enthousiasme!

      Il y aura plusieurs types d’appartements dans le projet.
      N’hésitez pas à consulter les stocks dès l’ouverture de la commercialisation.

  2. oscar acosta

    9 octobre 2015

    Let me congratulate you for such a wonderful project, it would be nice to have you sometime soon visiting us in Miami
    Oscar Acosta

  3. eric

    18 février 2015

    M. Iskenderov où en est Hermitage de la signature d’un accord avec les immeubles damiers ? Cet accord tient-il toujours?

    • Emin Iskenderov

      19 février 2015

      Vous parlez du protocole ? La signature est pour le moment bloquée par une action incompréhensible de l’église protestante de La Défense.

      • eric

        23 février 2015

        Que demande cette église?
        Et n y a t-il pas une action d’une copropriétaire de Champagne?
        Des résidents du Dauphiné

        • Emin Iskenderov

          2 mars 2015

          Les discussions avec l’église protestante sont en cours et vous comprendrez qu’on ne puisse pas révéler leur contenu à ce stade.
          Par ailleurs, il est vrai qu’une copropriétaire de Champagne est en discussion avec ses autres copropriétaires sur une résolution de la dernière assemblée générale.

      • sam

        26 février 2015

        Felicitations pour ce superbe projet.
        Ce blocage pourrait-il empecher le debut des travaux prevus cette année?

        • Emin Iskenderov

          2 mars 2015

          Merci pour ce soutien !
          On espère, qu’entre gens raisonnables, ce blocage ne va pas perdurer.

  4. RSG

    21 juillet 2014

    Amazing project!

    People like you should be more respected for the dynamism they create in a quartier like La Défense that really needs it.
    As i was making some research on it, i saw that a hotel was suppose to be included in one of the tower, which one is it?

    In any case, good luck M Iskenderov

    • Emin Iskenderov

      21 juillet 2014

      Many thanks for your support!
      In the view of creating a real and new dynamism in La Défense, Hermitage Plaza will include first class hospitality-led apartements, offices, business centre, SPA and fintess centres and a five-star hotel.
      A selected luxury brand will operate the hotel, apartements and services.
      As about the hotel it will be one of the best well-known brands, but for the moment we can not reveal its name.
      We will be obviously keep you informed.

  5. Marilyn Z.Tomlins

    8 septembre 2013

    Paris needs people like you Mr Iskenderov.

    Marilyn (writer)

  6. Елена

    11 août 2013

    Уважаемый г-н Искандеров, я от всей души желаю Вам успеха. Стройка будет грандиозная и интересная, я как строительный инженер чисто профессионально завидую людям, которые будут на ней работать. И мне бы очень хотелось принять участие в осуществлении такого проекта. Успеха лично Вам и всем, кто будет работать с Вами.

    • Emin Iskenderov

      21 août 2013

      Добрый день, спасибо Вам за поддержку!


    25 juillet 2013

    It is a great project and a new way of life for Paris and la Defense ,good luck Mr Iskenderov .

  8. alex

    16 juillet 2013

    Good job M Iskenderov 🙂 !

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